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Poco 0 Tympan and Frisket

Dave Griffin

Windswept Press

January, 2008
Here is the Tympan//Frisket assembly sitting on the bed of the Poco 0.  Other than the galley on which it sits, the assembly consists of two wood frames and a wire frame made from a coat hanger.  Also, a couple of hinges. The bottom wood frame is clear pine, but I made the top from oak because I knew it would get most of the banging and wear.  Joinery is simply lapped and glued corners.
In this photo, I've  lifted the assembly up from the galley to illustrate that the galley just sits snugly into the bottom frame opening.  The Poco has been set so that normally type-high cuts, linos and type sit in the galley for proper printing.  This photo shows, but  not very well, the hinge that connects the top and bottom wood frames. Hardware store issue.
The frisket frame, bent from a coat hanger, attaches to the inside of the wood frame using a small brass hinge from the hardware store.  I dis-assembled the hinge and removed its pin so that the ends of the coat hanger would ft into the two hinge halves.  The tympan sheet is simply taped (masking tape) on the top side of the frame.  In use,  I glue (glue stick) cardboard or 3 em spaces to the tympan for guides. Then I bring the frame down over it and the rubber bands hold the paper to be printed against the tympan.  String taped to the metal frame can be used instead of rubber bands.
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