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Do you love to write?  Most people do.  "More Stories!" is a place for you to tell a story  or describe a memory in 1,000 or so words.   Maybe a brief narrative of where your family came from or something that happened long ago that you will never forget.  Or a person you'll never forget. 
This is a very informal place, so don't get too uptight about writing rules.  Don't worry if you're not the world's best grammarian or plot wizard.  Most of us are not professional writers.  Click below for regular or occasional authors. 
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She heard them coming down the road, moving slow, stirring up the dirt as they came. This day there was a pickup truck following them. They pulled up in the yard and piled down off the grader and out of the truck and came across the yard.
From One Summer
by Bo Drury
" ... the final dreaded telegram of “Killed in Action” came.  As hard a blow as it was for us to bear, the taxi man who delivered it had just as hard a time.   He tried for as long as he could to delay the news of the delivery.   It was a dark day in November when we received the news."
From A Case For Peace,
by June Tuthill Bassemir
He thinks I’m pretty quiet, cross armed, just staid.
But what could he know at this point in this chase,
I’ve led him to believe that I want distance and space.
from What Comes of It,
by Marj Hastings
I now want art. Not knowing how to make it, it will have to be stolen. A bit of license, a bit of larceny and off to the races. Separate enough to be manipulated. Close enough to sense some risk.
from Marks On Paper
by Greg Shattenberg

How do I make room for all of the  parts of me that sometimes compete, along with my kids, for my time and attention? In this aspect I am ompletely alone.  Husbands, girlfriend heart-to-hearts and various support groups play a crucial role, but none of them can replace the voice of my soul.
from Bewildered,
by Kelly Reale
Be vulnerable,
But not needy;
Be impulsive
But not stupid;
Shower’st  thy be-sweated gropes
And wet kisses
Freely upon her
But keep thy drool in a private tub;
from Polonius's Advice,
by Tom Cherwin
I saw the worst minds of my generation destroy by badness,
snarling hysterical craven;
dragging their sons and daughters through the Muslim streets at dawn   looking for an angry WMD;
devilheaded hitmen burning for the ancient underground connection
to the tarry pipeline in the machinery of blight;
from "Foul"
by Tom Cherwin
I hope you found peace as I have. I hope you were finally able to lose the anger. I am sorry I was incapable of helping you then. Welcome home, brother.
from The Ugly Young American,            
by Frank Corradino
This bridesmaid dress will be a heirloom to pass on to my granddaughters.  In such a good condition, after being in Hilda's attic for 50 years, still could be used as a prom dress, or for a friend's wedding.
From The Bridesmaid Dress
by Delores Miller
back to that time, I feel a certain
regret that it was my hand which
disposed of my sister's history. I
console myself that such is the
common fate of all and that my
love for her lives on forever.
From A Last Task
by Hugh Singleton

The company's archives are filled with letters from GIs  detailing the services a Zippo lighter was called to perform, such as heating rations in a helmet, lighting campfires, sparking fuses for explosives, hammering nails and even signaling to fellow soldiers with the famous Zippo click.
From The Zippo Story
By Harold Ratzburg
Fall, 2011
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