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Printing Memories from The Windswept Press
Link to old Windswept Press Photos.  For Reference, since the print shop has been sold and the new owner has by now arranged things in his own basement in his own way.
Why would anyone lead off with a head in Copperplate?  Because it's been a favorite of mine since I was a kid.  True, I owned a font or two and seldom used it.  Copperplate caps and small caps are a bit heavy for most printing applications.  But just looking at the typeface brings back memories.  And it looks so ... so ... printer-y!  To me, at least. 

I even had a rubber type version and I'll start my memory history back in those rubber type days when I was in elementary school.  Everyone but the printers in the crowd can now leave or link off to the pictures of the old shop while I re-live those golden days of yesteryear via memories and terms only printers would understand.

                                                                      more to come
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