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In addition to our monthly bundles of printed journals and ephemera, American Amateur Press Association authors also publish on the World Wide Web.  Most articles are in pdf format, while some are .doc or html format.  To help  you find them,  we've listed the last five issues of a number of "electronic journals" below.   But you may also peruse the complete collection here.

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Recent Issues
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Hugh Singleton's     Things In Motion

Heraclitus Was Right - e-journaling     A Lesson for Father and Son - all
tied up      The Woods Are Lovely - at the freeze   A Last Task - reverence
for her things    At Year's End - change with grace    
                                                                                               (Hugh's Index)

Gary Bossler's Dayton Flypaper:   The Duo At Dayton

Bill Venrick's              
A Bit of The Past                        Shoe Care and Dog Handling
AAPA e-journal authors who wish to have their five most recent (or favorite) journal issues listed here should write the E-Journal Coordinator, 
Dave Griffin  at      
Send articles and journals to the same email address for upload to the archives. 
The complete index of E-Journals may be browsed  here.

Delores Miller's   
The Wisconsin Farmer  (CLICK FOR index)
The Nazi Connection - a family on the other side     Florida, 1950's Style - the world from a Straight 8     The Beyersdorf Family - family history     Baptizing Chickens - as well as beheading and butchering     Memories of Shady Grove School - they linger still           
Dave Griffin's       The Windswept Journal  (NEW) 

               PLUS:         Windswept Journal Master Index    
                                                             The MoreStories Place Blog
                                                                                     Monk In The Cellar Blog
Clarence Wolfshohl's    Anonymous Quarterly OnLine

Illustrated Palimpsest - in search of Gutenberg

The Transliteracy of Kenneth Patchen's Sleepers Awake

The Ancient Lure of the Rhine: Roman Ships in Mainz

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